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Config / Firmware / etc

Networking / Routing / etc

Logging etc

Network Services




Basic Commands

When typing any command, you can press ? to show help information. This can show available commands, and also syntax for specific commands. You can also use TAB to complete commands.

  • Clear the NAT translation tables: clear ip nat translation *
  • Go to beginning of line: CTRL+A, to end of line: CTRL+E
  • Delete the startup config (will show setup mode after reload): erase startup-config
  • Show host table: show hosts (temp = cached lookup, perm = host added with “ip host”)
  • Disable console logging: no logging console
  • Turn off all debugging: “undebug all” or “un all”

Show the Running Config

  • Turn off the annoying MORE behaviour:terminal length 0(term len 0)
  • Show the configuration:show running-config(show run)
  • Show the startup config:show startup-config(show start)
  • Revert changes from startup config:copy startup-config running-config(copy start run) - or just reboot the router
  • Commit changes to startup config:copy running-config startup-config(copy run start)
  • Another method (does the same thing):wr
  • Start displaying config at specific line containing word: show run | begin word
  • Display all lines with given word: show run | include word
  • show run | section word


  • Show routes: show ip route


  • List interfaces: show ip int brief
  • Show particular interface: show run interface Dialer0
  • Show trunk ports: show interface trunk

Insert ACLs using Line Numbers

  • To show ACL rules with line numbers: show ip access-list
  • To remove a line (eg. 50): no 50
  • To add a rule at a line number (eg. 50): 50 permit udp any any eq domain
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