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Working with SharePoint

This page will answer the simple questions that people have when changing from mapped drive to SharePoint. In many cases the mentality if different and they will have to change the way they work.

Document libraries

  • How to download a file to your computer?
    • Right-click, Download
  • How to download more than one file to your computer, so that you don't have to repeat the above step many times?
    • You can't. Not from within the web interface anyway. You'll need to use the “Open in Windows Explorer” option

Attach SharePoint file to Email

  1. In Outlook, customise the quick access toolbar, add a button for “Attach File” (not “Attach File…”)
  2. Paste in the URL for either a file or a folder in SharePoint (selecting a folder will allow you to browse for the file to attach). When attaching this way, it will download the file and then attach it directly to the email (ie it will not require the recipient to access the file through SharePoint).

Getting the URL for a single document

Working with Folder URLs

Folder URL should be in a format similar to the following:

You can browse through the web interface and then grab the URL from the address bar - however you may need to remove some parts to make it the correct format.

For example, the following was in my address bar:

I changed it to

Shortcuts: Create a folder somewhere (eg in your Documents folder) and call it SharePoint). Then right-click that folder, and “Pin to Quick Access”. Now browse to this folder and you can create shortcuts for your frequently accessed SharePoint folders - just right-click > new > shortcut.

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Insert > Web Part > Social Collaboration > Site Feed

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