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 +====== Windows Server Maintenance ======
 +This page will become a list of things to check as part of regular maintenance.
 +===== Regular checklist to manually run against each server: =====
 +  * Event logs - make sure there'​s no issues going under the radar
 +  * Backups are working, and also confirm it's backing up everything that matters
 +  * Previous Versions are enabled for any disk with data you may wish to restore. Include any system volume that may have application support files etc
 +===== Events to Monitor =====
 +This will become a list of events that I should know about in advance. Stuff that is broken and I should know about right now. Or that is impending doom. I need to set up a system to alert me of the following. Don't just rely on N-Able etc, maybe something in Windows event logs itself?
 +==== File Replication Service ====
 +Event ID: 13568
 +Notes: Monitor this on Domain Controllers
 +This is journal wrap, AD replication is probably broken
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