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Windows Server Maintenance

This page will become a list of things to check as part of regular maintenance.

Regular checklist to manually run against each server:

  • Event logs - make sure there's no issues going under the radar
  • Backups are working, and also confirm it's backing up everything that matters
  • Previous Versions are enabled for any disk with data you may wish to restore. Include any system volume that may have application support files etc

Events to Monitor

This will become a list of events that I should know about in advance. Stuff that is broken and I should know about right now. Or that is impending doom. I need to set up a system to alert me of the following. Don't just rely on N-Able etc, maybe something in Windows event logs itself?

File Replication Service

Event ID: 13568
Notes: Monitor this on Domain Controllers
This is journal wrap, AD replication is probably broken
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