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 +====== Windows Server Backup Not Showing Messages ======
 +Not showing messages but the backups are working?
 +I noticed the timestamps in Windows event logs were old. I fixed it by clearing the following log: Applications and Service Logs / Microsoft / Windows / Backup / Operational
 +Other places describing this issue:
 +  * [[http://​​2014/​10/​06/​windows-backup-not-showing-messages-and-jobs-but-is-running/#​comment-34597|Windows Backup not showing Messages and Jobs, but is running? – Nick Whittome]]
 +  * [[https://​​Forums/​office/​en-US/​947cce85-933c-48d9-bdff-ebea536a723c/​windows-server-backup-blank-messages-pane?​forum=windowsbackup|Windows Server Backup blank Messages pane]]
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