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 +  * P(power)=V(voltage)*A(amps)
 +  * 12 watt charger, output label shows 5.2V, 2.4A (5.2v*2.4a=12.48w - close enough)
 +  * There are 18 watt chargers available but from what I can see, most phones only support 15w max, so far
 +Quick Charge 2.0 chargers generally have at least two ratings, one of which should be 15W or more (multiply the voltage by amperage to get your wattage - in this example its 1.67x9, which is roughly 15W)
 +<​cite>​[[http://​​2015/​06/​12/​quick-rapid-turbo-and-fast-charging-explained-what-you-need-to-know-about-charging-your-smartphone/​|Quick,​ Rapid, Turbo, And Fast Charging Explained: What You Need To Know About Charging Your Smartphone]]</​cite>​
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