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To find out which domain controllers hold each role, run the following command:

C:\> netdom query fsmo
Schema owner NS1.test.dom
Domain role owner NS1.test.dom
PDC role NS1.test.dom
RID pool manager NS1.test.dom
Infrastructure owner NS1.test.dom

Now we'll transfer the roles using NTDSUTIL (you connect to the target server - the one that will hold the roles after the transfer):

C:\> ntdsutil
ntdsutil: roles
fsmo maintenance: connections
server connections: connect to server NS2
Binding to NS2 ...
Connected to NS2 using credentials of locally logged on user.
server connections: quit
fsmo maintenance: transfer schema master
fsmo maintenance: transfer naming master
fsmo maintenance: transfer rid master
fsmo maintenance: transfer infrastructure master
fsmo maintenance: transfer pdc

Note: for the “domain naming master”, you may have to type “transfer naming master” only (without “domain”) if running the command on a W2K8 DC.

Now exit NTDSUTIL and confirm the roles have moved:

fsmo maintenance: quit
ntdsutil: quit
Disconnecting from NS2...
C:\> netdom query fsmo
Schema owner NS2.test.dom
Domain role owner NS2.test.dom
PDC role NS2.test.dom
RID pool manager NS2.test.dom
Infrastructure owner NS2.test.dom
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