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Time Machine Backups

Local Snapshots

If you empty the Trash, the disk space is not freed up straight away. It won't be freed up until the Time Machine backup completes, because it's held temporarily by Time Machine's “local snapshots” (More info: About Time Machine local snapshots - Apple Support)

To list all local snapshots:

tmutil listlocalsnapshots /

To delete all local snapshots:

tmutil  listlocalsnapshotdates / |grep 20|while read f; do tmutil deletelocalsnapshots $f; done

How to delete Time Machine local backups on High Sierra | MacRumors Forums


Format the disk first in Disk Utility - :!: MUST be “Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive, Journaled)” with GUID Partition Map

Seems to take way too long to be worth the hassle.

More info on encrypting disks:

Turning it off

dead simple way to turn off encryption!

Here's how:

  1. Open Time Machine
  2. Turn Time Machine Off
  3. Select Backup Disk and turn Time Machine back on
  4. Choose NOT to encrypt Backup
  5. Done! 10 seconds tops.

(of course it will take your computer some time to actually decrypt the volume… )

as per

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