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Script to delete non-profile folders in C:\Users

The aim of this script is to delete any folder from C:\Users that does not contain NTUSER.DAT file. The specific case was that a remote desktop server has User Profile Disks enabled, but some files were being saved to C:\Users\username, even when the UPD was not mounted, so that next time the UPD was mounted, it would be C:\Users\username.000. The offending files in C:\Users\username are often the Outlook OST file. Assuming these were put here when a user logged on with a TEMP profile.

 # This script moves, out of C:\Users, any folder that is determined not to be a user profile
$path = "C:\Users"
$moveto = "C:\Users_Moved"
$all_loc = Get-ChildItem -Directory $path
foreach ($x in $all_loc){
    $z = (Join-Path $x.FullName "NTUSER.dat") # variable to hold full path + file name to search
    $test = Test-Path "$z" -PathType leaf;
    if ($test -eq 0){
        if ($x.Name -ne "Default" -and $x.Name -ne "Public"){
            if (!(Test-Path $moveto)) { New-Item -ItemType Directory $moveto }
            Move-Item C:\Users\$x $moveto\$((Get-Date).ToString('yyyyMMdd'))-$x ;
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