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Reliable File Copying on Mac

I was looking for a way to copy a large folder, and verify that it had completed successfully, ie using checksums. Following are some notes on solutions I tried.


  1. Copy files
  2. Verify (using checksum) that destination is the same as source


Everywhere you Google, this is the answer. But it didn't seem to do exactly what I wanted.

The –checksum option is a “on subsequent runs” verification, ie you run the copy, then run it again and hopefully there are no changes.

Beyond Compare

I think this may be the closest I came to a solution. I've used this before on Windows. The thing I like about this is how it visually shows you any differences, and so when there aren't any, it's obvious that it completed successfully.

Carbon Copy Cloner

They say it's a GUI for rsync. I did get a pretty good “feeling” that I could trust it when it says the copy completed successfully. But it's more of a “blind trust” feeling, than the “you don't need to blindly trust, because we will show you the results” feeling from Beyond Compare.

Path Finder

It has the “verify copied files” option, but not much in the way of reporting success, and it actually crashed a few times for me. I didn't get the feeling that I could “trust” that the tool is doing what it should be.

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