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RDS Session Limits Policy

This policy will log off any user who has left a session open for 8 hours with no input. This should cover most scenarios to allow people to disconnect and go home to continue working, but logoff their sessions if they just disconnected when they are finished working (ie before they go to sleep for estimated 8 hours).

  • Computer Configuration
    • Policies
      • Administrative Templates
        • System
          • User Profiles
            • Do not log users on with temporary profiles = Enabled
        • Windows Components
          • Remote Desktop Services
            • Remote Desktop Session Host
              • Connections
                • Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services session = Enabled
              • Session Time Limits
                • Set time limit for active but idle Remote Desktop Connections = Enabled, Idle session limit = 8 hours
                • End session when time limits are reached = Enabled
      • Windows Settings
        • Security Settings
          • Local Policies
            • User Rights Assignment
              • Allow log on through terminal services = G-Remote Desktop Users (create this)
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