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   * works without mapped drive?   * works without mapped drive?
 </​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP> ​
 +==== Print Options ====
 +The print options selected during the Web Print wizard are currently limited to the number of copies to print. Other print options such as grayscale, duplex, paper size etc. are selected based on the default options on the print queue.
 +If it is important to provide the user with a print option choice, e.g. when the same printer has trays for Letter and Legal paper, two print queues may be created and set up with different default settings. E.g. one print queue called Library Printer (Letter) that defaults to the Letter size and tray, and a second print queue (pointing to the same physical printer) called Library Printer (Legal) that defaults to the Legal size and tray.
 +The developers hope to be able to support grayscale and duplex print options in the near future.
 +<​cite>​[[http://​svr-print01.atcna.local:​9191/​content/​help/​ch-web-print-config.html#​para-web-print-config-printer-enable|Web Print Configuration]]</​cite>​
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