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NTFS Permissions, UAC and the Administrators Group


Folder: N:\Test
Permissions: Full Control granted to the Administrators group

You can't see the permissions of the folder. Instead, you see the message: You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object. Click Advanced to continue.

When you click on Advanced, it says “Click Continue to attempt the operation with administrative permissions” - if you do so, then you can see the permissions, without changing them. You could also grant access to other users, without giving yourself access to it.

However, if you need to see sub-folders, ie if there is a folder below this one, which is not inheriting permissions, and you need to change the permissions on it, without just enabling inheritance, then you'll need to give yourself access to browse the folder.

Option 1 - You log in as dan-admin, who is a member of Administrators, but you get a UAC prompt: “You don't currently have permission to access this folder. Click Continue to permanently get access to this folder” - if you do so, then it will modify the permissions of this folder - adding your username dan-admin as having full control. This is probably not a very clean way to do it.

Option 2 - A better way. Create a new AD group called “File Administrators” and add dan-admin (and any other administrators) to this group. Then grant full control on this folder to the new group. (even though you already had access, through being in the “Administrators” group, that is a special group that works differently with UAC)

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