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 <​blockquote>​ <​blockquote>​
 /​usr/​bin/​ruby -e "​$(curl -fsSL https://​​Homebrew/​install/​master/​install)"​ /​usr/​bin/​ruby -e "​$(curl -fsSL https://​​Homebrew/​install/​master/​install)"​
 brew tap theeternalsw0rd/​telnet brew tap theeternalsw0rd/​telnet
 brew install telnet brew install telnet
 <​cite>​[[https://​​r/​osx/​comments/​6jtxgz/​telnet_not_found/​|Telnet not found : osx]]</​cite>​ <​cite>​[[https://​​r/​osx/​comments/​6jtxgz/​telnet_not_found/​|Telnet not found : osx]]</​cite>​
 </​blockquote>​ </​blockquote>​
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