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Network Testing

LAN Speed testing

  • File transfer time calculator (online) - Calculates time to copy certain amount of data based on bandwidth available, has presets for USB2 USB3 LAN wireless etc
  • LAN Speed Test (Windows) - sends a test file to an SMB location, measures read and write speed. Useful for testing actual throughput of a server, network, or VPN

Internet Speed Testing

    • Accuracy can sometimes be questionable
    • May be more accurate. Also measures latency both before and during the test
    • Also more accurate, and measures buffer bloat
    • Has a continuous test option, eg “test every 10 minutes, 100 times”. And you can share the results by link, eg set it up on a customer tab, and then view the link on your own computer, to watch it over time

Port Testing

    • This tool is a single exe that you run, choose a port to listen on. If anyone connects to that port (eg using the telnet client) it will show you in the tool, in the format of a list with dates and times
    • Needs dotNet 3.5 feature installed
    • Does not need administrator rights
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