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My RDS Build Procedure


  1. Build base server, set the computer name, set a static IP, join the domain, install updates. Don't do much else before making it an RDS
  2. Install the following roles on the RDS:
    1. “Remote Desktop Session Host”
  3. Install the following roles on a non-RDS server if possible, but if the only non-RDS server is also a DC, then you must install them on the RDS, because they should not live on a DC:
    1. “Remote Desktop Gateway” (RDS Gateway should not be installed on a DC)
    2. “Remote Desktop Connection Broker” (Connection Broker is DC is impossible to install on DC)
    3. “RD Web Access” (it makes sense to keep the Web Access role on the same server as the Connection Broker)
  4. Install the following roles on a non-RDS server if possible. If the only non-RDS server is a DC, then in this case, you CAN install the following services on the DC:
    1. “Remote Desktop Licensing”
  5. Set up the collection:
    1. Create a Remote Desktop Services Deployment (see note below re collection name!)
    2. Create an RDS Collection, Make sure the collection name is 16 characters or less.
    3. Create a DNS A record matching the collection name, eg. collection1.mundy.local - with the IP address of the connection broker
    4. Set the DefaultTsvUrl as per RDS Farm in Windows Server 2012 R2
    5. Users will connect to eg. rds-collection-1.mundy.local or just rds-collection-1
  6. Configure RDS Licensing
  7. Install any remaining applications (using install mode)

Set up RD Gateway:

  1. Set it up with an SSL self signed cert for now, using the external URL eg.
    1. You'll need internal DNS record for that URL pointing to the RD GW
    2. The clients will need to browse to (or other port number) in IE and then install the certificate into trusted root for current user)
    3. Probably want a real 3rd party cert for go-live

Remote App Only (single server example)

  1. Install roles: Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Licensing, Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Web Access
  2. Configure RDS Licensing
  3. In Server Manager, under the collection, under RemoteApp Programs, use the tool “Publish RemoteApp Programs”
  4. Browse to https://servername/RDWeb using Chrome or Firefox. When you click on the app name, it will download an RDP file that you can put on the desktop
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