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MP3s and iTunes, Tagging, etc

This page in the ongoing notes from my project on taking well-ripped MP3 files from CDs, tagging them correctly and then importing them into iTunes on my Mac. The goal is a perfect iTunes library and good experience on my iPod.

Also the goal is for as much of the information as possible to be in the MP3 files themselves, rather than the iTunes library, so that I can delete files from the iTunes library at will, knowing that I have an MP3 copy that can be imported whenever I want.

Essential Tools

Cover Art

Ripping CDs

I'm using EAC on Windows. I find this a better experience than anything on the Mac so far.

Combine Multe-CD Release

  1. Drag all of the MP3s from one CD into MusicBrainz Picard
  2. Select them all
  3. In the bottom panel, if there is not a “Disc Number” field:
    1. Right click, Add New Tag
    2. In the dropdown, type disc, select “discnumber” from the options (the top box is the field name)
    3. Press the Edit button, and type eg “1 of 3” if it's a 3 disk set (this is the field data)
    4. Save
  4. Save
  5. Do the same for all CDs
  6. Drag all MP3s into iTunes
  7. If it's a multi-artist compilation, you'll need to select them all, “Album Info”, and put a check in the box for “Album is a compilation of songs by various artists”


It may be possible to add the tag “Compilation (iTunes)” with a value of “1” - I've seen this in MusicBrainz but haven't tested it's effect when adding the album to iTunes afterward.

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