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Move a VM in Hyper-V

In Server 2012 and newer

This info also applies to base 2012, not just R2.

Just use the Move wizard, to live migrate, even if the destination is the same server:

  1. Right click the VM, Move
  2. Move Type = Move the virtual machine's storage
  3. Move Options = Move all of the virtual machine's data to a single location
  4. New location = (eg) G:\SVR-NAME01

(it will create subfolders for eg Virtual Machines and Virtual Hard Disks)

In Server 2008

Need to shut down services, fix permissions, etc

On a Cluster

Moving storage only

  1. Use failover storage manager, “Move > Virtual Machine Storage”
  2. Create a new folder based on the VM name, ie the tool does not put it in a subfolder for you
  3. Also create a folder for VHDx files, eg “Cluster Storage/HS/VM01/Virtual Hard Disks”
  4. In the top half, drag the whole machine to the subfolder (eg “Cluster Storage/HS/VM01”)
  5. Then drag just the VHDx files from top half into eg “Cluster Storage/HS/VM01/Virtual Hard Disks”
  6. Note: Do not drag any other folders into subfolders, as the tool does create subfolders for these. Eg if you drag Snapshots into the Snapshots folder, then you'll end up with VM01/Snapshots/Snapshots
  7. Confirm in the top half, that the “Destination Folder Path” for each item is what you expect
  8. Click Start
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