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Sys Admin

Booklet Printing

Display network info:

IP Address: ipconfig getpacket en0 | grep yiaddr
Subnet Mask: ipconfig getpacket en0 | grep subnet_mask
Router: ipconfig getpacket en0 | grep router
DHCP Server: ipconfig getpacket en0 | grep server_identifier
DNS Server: ipconfig getpacket en0 | grep domain_name_server

Note: Use en1 for wireless interface

Find system boot time: sysctl -a |grep kern.boottime
Find sleep time: sysctl -a |grep sleep time
Find wake time: sysctl -a |grep wake time

You can also find out why a Mac woke from sleep by reviewing system logs and interpreting the reason codes.

Enterprise Features

  • Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) allows you to “Distribute software, provide real-time online help to end-users, create detailed software and hardware reports, and automate routine management tasks”, it can update Flash and Java, etc, and even deploy Adobe Creative Suite (which is where I learned of it's existence) - disclaimer: I haven't tried it

Misc Howto


This may be a good link to send people who are coming from Windows to Mac:

New to Mac - Official Apple Support

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