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 <​cite>​[[https://​​power-painter-tool/​|The Power of the Painter Tool | The Lightroom Queen]]</​cite>​ <​cite>​[[https://​​power-painter-tool/​|The Power of the Painter Tool | The Lightroom Queen]]</​cite>​
 +===== Ignore videos when importing =====
 +press the ALT key in the import dialog and you can select or deselect all video files. ​ you will see that when you press the ALT key the import buttons will change. ​    AFAIK there is no checkbox where you can set that videos are never imported.
 +<​cite>​[[https://​​thread/​1048977|How to ignore videos when importing | Adobe Community]]</​cite>​
 </​blockquote>​ </​blockquote>​
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