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Let's Encrypt - Free, Automated, SSL Certificates

Using Let's Encrypt with IIS

  1. Make sure the site is already available by SSL, and has a host-header for the domain that you need to generate the SSL certificate for. This is required for the domain validation process, you may need to generate a self-signed certificate to be used temporarily for this purpose.
  2. Download Releases · Lone-Coder/letsencrypt-win-simple and extract it somewhere it can live permanently
  3. Run letsencrypt.exe with admin privileges
  4. Specify the email address to be notified if renewals fail
  5. Select the number (eg. 1) to choose which binding the generate the SSL for
  6. Check the scheduled tasks to make sure it created one for renewal. If it didn't, try running the letsencrypt.exe tool again (for me it generated an error the first time, and although it had created and installed the certificate, it didn't create the scheduled task. When I re-ran letsencrypt.exe, it created the scheduled task and gave no error messages)

Now it's best I tell you what has happened.

  • You were given a date for when the certificate is out of date, just make a note of this.
  • A scheduled task was set up to renew this certificate in 60 days time on this machine.
  • The certificate was installed in the Certificate Store.
  • A https binding was added to the IIS Website.

Let's Encrypt - How to set up on a Windows Server and help make the Web a safer place! - Code Ramblings

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