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-Note DHCP relay does require the dhcp service to be running. 
-Eg below, where is the DHCP server: 
-service dhcp 
-interface Vlan10 
-description HQ Staff Network 
-ip address 
-ip helper-address 
-interface Vlan50 
-description Wireless Vlan 
-ip address 
-ip helper-address 
-Using the DEBUG IP DHCP SERVER PACKET command, we can see what happens when a client device makes a DHCP request for an IP address: 
-002121: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: Reload workspace interface Vlan10 tableid 0. 
-002122: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: tableid for on Vlan10 is 0 
-002123: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: client'​s VPN is . 
-002124: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: using received relay info. 
-002125: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: Looking up binding using address 
-002126: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: setting giaddr to 
-002127: *Apr 29 17:​37:​55.549:​ DHCPD: BOOTREQUEST from 0100.248c.6e62.52 forwarded to