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Cisco Password Recovery

  1. Boot the router and interrupt the boot sequence by performing a break (CTRL+BREAK), which will take the router into ROM monitor mode (common)
  2. Change the configuration register to turn on bit 6 (confreg 0x2142)
  3. Reload the router (reset)
  4. Enter privileged mode (answer “no” to entering setup mode, press ENTER to go into user mode, type enable to go into privileged mode)
  5. Copy the startup-config file to running-config (copy start run)
  6. Change the password (conf t, user admin secret <newpassword>, enable secret <newpassword>)
  7. Reset the configuration register to the default value (config-register 0x2102)
  8. Save the router configuration (copy run start)
  9. Reload the router (reload)
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