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-====== Cisco Password Recovery ====== 
-  - Boot the router and interrupt the boot sequence by performing a break (CTRL+BREAK),​ which will take the router into ROM monitor mode (rommon) 
-  - Change the configuration register to turn on bit 6<​code>​rommon>​ confreg 0x2142</​code>​ 
-  - Reload the router<​code>​rommon>​ reset</​code>​ 
-  - Enter privileged mode (answer "​no"​ to entering setup mode, press ENTER to go into user mode, type enable to go into privileged mode)<​code>​en</​code>​ 
-  - Copy the startup-config file to running-config<​code>​copy start run</​code>​ 
-  - Change the password<​code>​conf t 
-username admin privilege 15 secret <​newpassword>​ 
-enable secret <​newpassword></​code>​ 
-  - Reset the configuration register to the default value<​code>​conf t 
-config-register 0x2102</​code>​ 
-  - Save the router configuration<​code>​copy run start</​code>​ 
-  - Reload the router <​code>​reload</​code>​