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   - Check for EventID 13516, which shows it’s complete   - Check for EventID 13516, which shows it’s complete
   - Start FRS on the other DCs.   - Start FRS on the other DCs.
 +===== Which flag? =====
 +You have two choices as to a restore from a good DC using FRS:
 +  * **D2 is set on the bad DC**: Non-Authoritative restore: Use the D2 option on the DC with the empty SYSVOL folder, or the SYSVOL folder with the incorrect data. This way it will get a copy of the current SYSVOL and other folders from the good DC that you set the BurFlags D4 option on.
 +  * **D4 is set on the good DC**: Authoritative restore: Use the BurFlags D4 option on the DC that has a copy of the current policies and scripts folder (a good, not corrupted folder).
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