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Is Terminal Server Install Mode Still Required?

Short answer is probably not, unless you're installing old software that doesn't use MSI installers just use install mode.

Some arguments for why it's not needed much any more

Some real world examples of when NOT using install mode caused problems

MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE)

Must use install mode. Otherwise it puts some files into the user profile of whoever ran the installer.

Example (June 2017): MYOB application was giving an error message for all users except Administrator, who did the install. Using Activity Monitor we could see CreateFile for C:\Users\administrator\WINDOWS\S6ChtPmp.dll was resulting in ACCESS DENIED. When we granted everyone Full Control to this file, it started working for other users.

Does Everyone Need to be Logged Out?

change user install while users logged in - Google Search

General consensus seems to be “yes”.

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