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Hyper-V Templates with Differencing Disks

Create the Template

  1. Created VM
  2. CD %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep
  3. sysprep.exe /generalize /shutdown
  4. Move that file somewhere, eg C:\VMs\Templates\template_2012r2_datacentre_de.vhdx

Create a VM from Template

  1. Create new Virtual Machine
  2. Give it a name (eg server1)
  3. Store in different location: C:\VMs
  4. Attach a virtual hard disk later
  5. Settings > SCSI Controller > Add Hard Disk > New
  6. Type = Differencing
  7. Location (you will need to create the folder) = C:\VMs\server1\Virtual Hard Disks
  8. Give it a filename
  9. Set the parent disk to the template created earlier, eg C:\VMs\Templates\template_2012r2_datacentre_de.vhdx
  10. Apply
  11. Firmware > Boot Order = Move Hard Drive to the top
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