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Hyper-V's "Recover to Alternate Location" changes the VM setings and running location

Did a test restore, selected Recovery Type = “Hyper-V” and selected “Recover to Alternate Location” eg E:\Restore

Expected the original VM to remain in place… but here's what actually happened:


  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines - had a symlink based on the GUID of the VM, pointing to the XML in D:\SERVERNAME\Virtual Machines
  • D:\SERVERNAME\Virtual Machines - had the config, ie XML, BIN, VSV files
  • D:\SERVERNAME\Virtual Hard Disks - had a copy of the VHDs


  • The VM is no longer running, it's in a state of “Off” !
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines - has a symlink based on the GUID of the VM, pointing to the XML in E:\Restore\SERVERNAME\D_\SERVERNAME\Virtual Machines
  • D:\SERVERNAME\Virtual Hard Disks - still has a copy of the VHDs
  • D:\SERVERNAME\Virtual Machines - empty!
  • E:\Restore\SERVERNAME\D_\SERVERNAME\Virtual Machines - has the config, ie XML, BIN, VSV files
  • E:\Restore\SERVERNAME\D_\SERVERNAME\Virtual Hard Disks - has a copy of the VHD files

To get it back up and running quickly I edited the properties of the VM, selected the old location on D:\ for the Virtual Hard Disks, Snapshot File Location, and Smart Paging File Location

But the config files are still running from F:\ - I need to move them back to D:\ at some stage, but carefully! This link may help, but puts them on C:\. Has useful info about changing the permissions though.

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