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Hyper-V Replication

  • If you resize a VHD on a VM that is replicated, then you need to delete the replica and restart it. Else replication will fail

Setting up Hyper-V Replication

Source: How to set up Hyper-V replication

for this example, the source replica server is HOST01, the destination replica server is HOST02:

  1. Right click on HOST02 in Hyper-V Manager, Hyper-V Settings
  2. Enable this computer as a replica server
  3. Specify the default location to store replica files - make it the root of your data drive
  4. On the HOST01, right click on the VM and select Enable Replication
  5. Set the replica server as HOST02
  6. Use default options, but choose to “Replicate later”
  7. On HOST02, rename the VM to reflect that it's not the live VM, eg name it “Replica - VM1” (this is really just a descriptive label so we don't turn it on by mistake)
  8. On HOST02, right-click the replica VM, Move. Move storage to a folder based on the name of the VM, so that all replicas have their own folder instead of being lumped together on the same disk (learned of this method at: Replicating Virtual Machines to Multiple Folders | Ben Armstrong’s Virtualization Blog)
  9. On HOST01, right-click the VM, Replication, Start Initial Replication. Select: Start replication immediately

If replication breaks

If it breaks, try right-clicking on the VM and resuming replication, but often you'll need to delete the VM and all files on the replica server, and set it up again. Deleting Hyper-V Replicas

Monitoring Hyper-V Replication failure

  • 32315 Warning – Hyper-V failed to replicate changes for virtual machine ‘servername’ (Virtual Machine ID …..). Hyper-V will retry replication after 1 minute(s).

  • 32022 Error – Hyper-V could not replicate changes for virtual machine ‘servername’: The operation timed out (0x00002EE2). (Virtual Machine ID …..)
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