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Managing VMs

Restoring from Backup

Snapshots / Checkpoints

Microsoft has renamed “snapshots” to “checkpoints” as of Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V


  • Dynamic Disk Resizing was only introduced in Server 2012 R2 - i.e. to increase disk size without a reboot the Hyper-V host must be 2012R2 or later, the disk must be a VHDX (not VHD) and it must be SCSI (not IDE)
  • How to shrink a VHD - note: will need to defrag first to move free space to end, use Windows Defrag, previous advice was to use Defraggler Portable and select the option “Defrag Free Space (Allow fragmentation)” but that doesn't seem to actually move the free space to the end. You can use Defraggler afterward to confirm where free space lives on the disk map
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