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How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365

How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365

TLDR; for applications and printers:

  • Sending bulk email? (more than 30 recipients/min) = Use SMTP2GO
  • Needs to send to external recipients = No
    • Use Direct Send (note: probably won't work from dynamic IP ranges due to being blacklisted)
  • Needs to send to external recipients = Yes
    • Has static IP address = Yes
    • Has static IP address = No
      • Use SMTP Client Submission - you'll need an Office 365 license, possibly using a cheap Exchange Online license (note: will need a non-expiring password)
  1. SMTP Client Submission
    1. Requires an Office 365 license for the sending address
    2. Least restrictive mode
  2. Direct Send
    1. Does not require authentication, nor a license, but can only deliver internally
    2. Can be a good option for printers
  3. SMTP Relay
    1. Requires static IP, but can send to external recipients
    2. No good for bulk emailing scenario. Use MailChimp etc for that

Direct Send

Need a static IP address. Best option for most printer scenarios.

Note I usually set up an SMTP relay on a Windows server but I'm pretty sure you could just enter the “points-to-address” as the SMTP server for each printer.

  1. In 365 portal, DNS settings, under the MX record, take note of the “points-to-address”.
  2. Make sure the TXT record is set to allow delivery from your static IP address
  3. IS IIS 6 Manager
  4. Right click the SMTP Virtual Server, Properties, Delivery tab, Advanced. Set the Smart host to the points-to-address from above

Setting up an SMTP relay in IIS for Office 365

Setting up a receive connector (scroll down to “Option 3: Configure a connector to send mail using Office 365 SMTP relay” but also see the section on “Direct Send” which will show you how to find the SMTP server to use, i.e. DO NOT use and authentication)

Comparison of Office 365 options

SMTP client submission Direct Send SMTP Relay
Can send to external recipients? Yes No Yes
Must authenticate with licensed mailbox? Yes No No
Needs static IP? No No, but recommended in conjunction with SPF Yes
Connector required? No No Yes
Send from any location? Yes No No
Limit of 30 messages per minute and 10,000 recipients per day Limit Applies Limit does not apply Limit does not apply. But messages are sent through the “high risk delivery pool”, ie Microsoft say “this secondary outbound email pool is only used to send messages that may be of low quality” and “the possibility of the high-risk delivery pool being placed on a blocked list remains a risk. This is by design”
Settings Server:
User/pass: Valid Office 365 credentials
Server: MX endpoint
Port 25
TLS enabled
Send from: An Office 365 email address
Server: MX endpoint
Port: 25
TLS enabled
Email address: In your domain, but does not need mailbox
Summary: Use this for printers that support it. And for any other system that sends once-off type emails. Do not use it for bulk emails Useful for older printers, where you're only sending to internal recipients. Also useful when you don't want to purchase an Office 365 license for this purpose Really only useful as a fallback ffor if you can't use SMTP Client submission, but you DO need to send to external recipients. But message delivery may not be guaranteed
Need to send email external, and hitting the throttling limits? Or having issues with reliable delivery? Try service like SMTP2GO or maybe a local mail relay on your own server
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