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Force Remove Domain Controller with NTDSUtil Metadata Cleanup

Metadata cleanup

  1. Cleanup metadata
    metadata cleanup
    connect to server X (a functional DC, eg server01)
    select operation target
    list domains
    select domain X (eg 0)
    list sites
    select site X
    list servers in site
    select server X
    remove selected server
  2. Review information and then accept the warning
  3. Type “quit”

More Steps

  1. Check DNS, remove any references
  2. Remove computer object from ADUC
  3. I did not have to do this step in Windows Server 2012 R2 but in server 2008 you may want to check and see if there is a leftover entry for a DFS Replication object. If it exists delete the CN=DC2

Open ADSIedit right-click connect to, accept defaults, now expand the below key.
CN=Topology,CN=Domain System Volume,CN=DFSR-Globalsettings,CN=System,DC=Your Domain,DC=Domain Suffix

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