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DFSR (DFS Replication)

What to do when DFSR breaks

Be careful the following doesn't happen to you!: After you re-add a member server to a DFS replication group in Windows Server 2003 R2, initial replication does not occur on the member server, and changes in the replicated folder are replicated unexpectedly to other replication partners (ie, you remove a replica server, delete all the files, re-add it, but now the source server deletes all of it's files too!!!)

Some Files not Replicating?

What is replicated?

By default, no subfolders are excluded.

The default file filters exclude the following files from replication:

  • File names starting with a tilde (~) character
  • Files with .bak or .tmp extensions

Regardless of which filters are set, the following types of files are always excluded from replication:

  • NTFS volume mount points
  • Files that are encrypted by using the encrypting file system (EFS)
  • Any reparse points except those associated with DFS Namespaces (If a file has a reparse point that is used for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) or Single Instance Store (SIS), DFS Replication replicates the underlying file but not the reparse point.)
  • Files on which the temporary attribute has been set

Edit the Replication Filters for a Replicated Folder

Files have different timestamps, but same data?

Try "touching" the file on the source server, by renaming it, to force replication. Then rename it back to the original name.

Fixing stuff

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