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 +====== Cloning a Remote Desktop Session Host ======
 +  - Make sure you have a known local administrator user and password on the source VM
 +  - Clone the VM
 +  - Ensure the NIC is not connected before turning the cloned VM on
 +  - Remove all remote desktop roles except RD Session Host
 +  - Reboot
 +  - Unjoin domain and reboot again (do this offline!)
 +  - Rename the VM
 +  - Make sure it doesn'​t have the same MAC address as the source VM
 +  - Set new IP address for cloned VM
 +  - Connect to network
 +  - Join the domain
 +  - Join it to a collection (you can install the connection broker role on this server and create a collection here, just for this server, if absolutely required to keep each session host in it's own separate connection (ie new auto-load-balanced) - however it's recommended to have a non-session host as the connection broker)
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