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Cloning a Remote Desktop Session Host

  1. Make sure you have a known local administrator user and password on the source VM
  2. Clone the VM
  3. Ensure the NIC is not connected before turning the cloned VM on
  4. Remove all remote desktop roles except RD Session Host
  5. Reboot
  6. Unjoin domain and reboot again (do this offline!)
  7. Rename the VM
  8. Make sure it doesn't have the same MAC address as the source VM
  9. Set new IP address for cloned VM
  10. Connect to network
  11. Join the domain
  12. Join it to a collection (you can install the connection broker role on this server and create a collection here, just for this server, if absolutely required to keep each session host in it's own separate connection (ie new auto-load-balanced) - however it's recommended to have a non-session host as the connection broker)
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