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 <​cite>​[[https://​​c/​en/​us/​td/​docs/​routers/​access/​interfaces/​NIM/​software/​configuration/​guide/​4GLTENIM_SW.html|Cisco LTE guide</​cite>​ (lots of info here!) <​cite>​[[https://​​c/​en/​us/​td/​docs/​routers/​access/​interfaces/​NIM/​software/​configuration/​guide/​4GLTENIM_SW.html|Cisco LTE guide</​cite>​ (lots of info here!)
 </​blockquote>​ </​blockquote>​
 +==== My Research ====
 +  * https://​​pulse/​mimo-4g-lte-routers-when-you-need-dont-matthew-bauman - discussion about MIMO and dual antennas, signal boosters etc
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