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There is no way to limit the backup "run time"

Problem is that the backup sometimes hangs. I'd like a way to, for example, kill the backup if it's still running after 23 hours, so that the next backup will have a chance to run. Currently, if it hangs, then the next backup will not run, and we will not get a notification about it either.

There should be a 'Cancel' button on the 'Monitor' page in BackupAssist when the job is running.

You can also cancel the job manually via the Task manager by stopping the 'BackupAssist.exe' process.

If running a System protection backup, also stop the 'wbadmin.exe' process.

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically make the backup stop after a pre-determined time.
BackupAssist Technical Support, 6 May 2016

I suppose I will create a scheduled task to call “taskkill /IM BackupAssist.exe” at 4:00pm daily. If I do this, will the next scheduled backup complete automatically?

I would suggest also adding a task to restart the BackupAssist service some time after killing the BackupAssist process.

This will ensure that the BackupAssist service is running correctly before the next backup starts.

The commands are:

 net stop zBackupAssistservice
 net start zBackupAssistservice

I will raise a feature request with the developers with regards to limiting the backup window.
BackupAssist Technical Support

The script

Use the Windows task scheduler to run this script to run just before your backups are scheduled (eg script runs 21:30, backup is scheduled 22:00)

@echo off
REM The purpose of this script is to kill any hung backup processes. The BackupAssist software
REM does not have any function to "end the backup after 8 hours" so we were finding that
REM sometimes it had been running for days, but hung, and therefore the next backup did not run
REM and we were not alerted about it. This script should be scheduled for well after the backup
REM is expected to complete successfully, and before the next backup is scheduled.
taskkill /IM BackupAssist.exe
net stop zBackupAssistservice
net start zBackupAssistservice
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