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What I'm currently using

Mark Forster's stuff

I'm currently using his "Do It Tomorrow" system

The complete reviews can be accessed by clicking here.

All these systems represent attempts to answer the basic conundrum of time management:

How does one get the correct balance between the easy and the difficult, and the urgent and the non-urgent?

Or to put it another way:

How does one slog one’s way through the difficult stuff without neglecting the many essential small things?

Or another way:

How does one get all the myriads of small things done without neglecting the big things?

More ideas

this post has good ideas on DIT vs continuous list and got me to thinking about doing a hybrid. Also makes it obvious that you need enough discretionary time for the discretionary tasks you want to do

DIT Notes

"In DIT, you don't declare a backlog till you start getting four, five, six days behind"